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     WenZhou JOG Hardware Co.,Ltd is located at LongWan ShaCheng industrial zone,we are specialized in manufacturing  door hardware,such as movable door pulley, glass door pulley, folding door pulley, small pulley of furniture, wall cabinet door pulley, locks,resin handle, magnalium handle,knobs,Zinc alloy hinge, spring latch, door catcher and so on. Since the founding of the company, by virtue of our unremitting efforts and forward-looking creativity, our products are widely and unanimously recognized both at home and abroad for its credible quality and elegant design.

     Based on careful analysis of character and pursuits of modern urban life, JOG hardware products are manufactured using excellent materials in a human-oriented manner. During the production process,the standardized  management, evolving manufacturing technique and practical functions, and fashionable technical concepts are adopted to actually demonstrate the spiritual space and human-oriented characteristics of JOG hardware and create artistic living space for modern decoration.

     We aims at providing our customers with high quality products and satisfactory services. We value the collaboration and mutual development of all who are involved in our business including suppliers, dealers and end users.

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